Community Guidelines

Don't be a Dick

Please follow the golden rule when engaging with others or review over the full list of guidelines.

If your comment does not appear on the site it may have been flagged for review. Below are several reasons why your comment might have been flagged for review. Please don’t resubmit your comment multiple times or contact about it.

Curse words and/or slurs are blacklisted.
If you use curse words regularly, they won’t appear on the site automatically. A moderator will have to approve if it is part of a good discussion.

English only.
Sorry, but I only understand English (because America is dumb) and translators are usually wrong. Non-English comments will be removed.

Stay on topic.
Keep comments relevant to the post. Do not cross-post the same thing multiple times.

No racism, sexism, anything-ism.
We are all different and should accept those difference. Breaking this rule is an instant ban.

Hate-mongering debates will not be tolerated.
This is not an “honest discussion” but a power-struggle to “win” ( the first one to quit is the loser). Discussing the reverse of any stance of repression (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.) will not be tolerated. See “no racism, sexism, anything-ism” ruling.

No violence.
Don’t be aggressive towards the writers, moderators, and your fellow readers.

No personal attacks.
No insulting intelligence, beliefs, gender, appearance, etc.

No spam.

No advertising.

No trolling.
Don’t post aggressive, nonconstructive or ugly comments about an individual. Respect other people’s feelings.

No graphic media.
No blood, guts, and gore images. Video games can be violent enough without adding real world images.

No porn.
Instant ban if this is ever linked.

Don’t share leaked information.
Rumors are fine, but anything still under NDA is a no-no.

No talking about piracy.
All creators deserve to be paid for their work. Piracy takes that away from them.

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