Tips for First-Time BlizzCon Attendees

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Check and triple check your preparedness for attending BlizzCon with the following first-timer tips!

BlizzCon is the pivotal moment where all fans of every Blizzard Entertainment franchise collides. It’s a time of celebration for game developers and their followers. Many will be traveling to Anaheim or tuning to the live broadcast all weekend. Whether you’re a returning attendee or a first-timer, we’ve compiled a few helpful, and sometimes obvious, tips for Blizzard fans to make the most of this weekend.

  • Pre-Event Planning:

    • Take advantage of the pre-sale of BlizzCon gear. The BlizzCon Store will open a day early, but items sell quickly and lines can be long, so use the Blizzard Gear Store to save space for the trip back home.
    • Buy those comfy walking shoes a couple of weeks before the event and start breaking them in. Do NOT decide to wear brand-new shoes during the convention to avoid blisters.
    • 20x10bagRemember only 20”x10” bags are allowed on the convention show floor. Leave the laptop either at home or safe in the hotel room. Read more of the restrictions on the official BlizzCon site.
    • Pack an empty tumbler/bottle for refills. It MUST be empty as no outside beverages are allowed.
    • Bring a notepad and a pen to share contact information with fellow attendees. BlizzCon is also about making new friends!
    • Or design and order business cards (buy near September for cheaper shipping) for easy ID sharing.
    • Withdraw cash for food expenses to avoid unwanted surprises. Sometimes the food vendors might accidentally double-charge or won’t charge until the end of the month.
    • Bring earplugs if you stick around for the concert. Protect your ears!
  • Rule 5-2-1:

    • At least 5 hours of sleep—in a bed. It will be two days of late-night adventures, but sleep is still important.
    • At least 2 meals a day. There’s food trucks outside, small eateries in hotels and the convention, and local places nearby. Don’t forget to pack a few snacks for in-between meals.
    • At least 1 shower a day. Fellow attendees will thank you. If you forget the deodorant, dollop of hand sanitizer is a good quick-fix.
    • Stay healthy by following this rule as well as keeping hand sanitizer nearby, getting the flu shot early (flu shots take two weeks to get integrated into the immune system), and rinsing with mouthwash after flight.
  • Install smart-phone apps:

    • BlizzConGuideScheduleTo get started, download the BlizzCon application available on iTunes and Google Play. There’s an option to schedule different panels to attend and get an idea of certain times to take a break from it all.
    • For easy badge pick-up, add the EventBrite application (don’t forget your ID). It’ll give a unique bar-code to get through the line quicker and saves on trees.
    • Any food application to see what is locally available. The Starbucks application will make the coffee/tea connoisseur life easy with mobile ordering (available at both Hilton and Marriott Starbucks locations) and quick pick-up especially for the late-nights in hotel lobbies.
    • Any gaming application such as Hearthstone, Final Fantasy Record Keepers, Candy Crush, etc. will help whittle away the time spent waiting in any lines.
  • At-Event Planning:

    • Bring a light jacket or hoodie along as sometimes the convention floor will have varying temperatures. Even the early hours of Anaheim, California can be a bit chilly.
    • With the BlizzCon mobile app, scheduling what panels to see is easy. Plus, catch up on others with the Virtual Ticket as replays will be available 2 weeks after the event.
    • Follow favorite developers, composers, and authors to see when and where they’re signing autographs.
    • Be prepared to stay up late after the show floor closes. Many will be roaming the Hilton/Marriott lobbies until security closes them down.
    • Be sure to visit the Blizzard Entertainment Community Managers. They are the first face of each franchise and super awesome people.
    • Don’t hesitate to skip some of the panels. There is no way to see all of them at once and only the big panels and eSports will be available on the Virtual Ticket. Taking a break from the show floor and meeting people is just as important.
    • Don’t like the Closing Ceremony band? Skip it and take advantage of some of the game-demos available.
  • Reminders:

    • Ask for consent before doing anything involving another human being and animals. This includes pictures, touching, hugging, petting, etc.. Animals present could be service animals working.
    • Don’t forget to include yourself in making memories. Take selfies, ask staff or companions to help take epic shots, put your mark on the Graffiti Wall, show off the fun!
    • Do not judge people based on their preferred race, faction, class, spec, or gameplay choices in-game. Friendly rivalry is acceptable, but no bullying the opposing side.

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