And The Winner Of Azeroth Choppers Is…

June 5, 2014 3:22 pm Published by

The polls are closed, the ballots counted! And faction winner for Azeroth Choppers is…!

When last we saw the faction choppers, they were getting loaded up for transportation across the United States and the polls were open for voting. Now the big reveal of which will be created free in the World of Warcraft game.

According to the 10 year info-graph for Warcraft, most players rolled Alliance. Will the votes follow suit of the demographic? Or will there be traitors ?

But first…

A quick prediction. We know that the winner will be made in-game, for free, but what about the loser? Most are guessing that the loser bike will be available through the shop for $25. It can certainly be safe to say that the Azeroth Choppers will both be present on the BlizzCon floor, safe behind velvet ropes.

And the winner is…

Find out which faction won! Thank you Blizzard Entertainment for going to the next level with creativity. Cannot wait to see the in-game version of the winning chopper.

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