Artcraft–Female Tauren “Udderly” Amazing

July 24, 2014 2:35 pm Published by

The new female Tauren will definitely be the milkshake that brings all the boys to World of Warcraft.

I’ve secretly been in love with the entire Tauren race, but refused to play any of them simply because they just were not visually appealing. And female Tauren currently are very neglected with minimal hair style choices, weird looking faces, poor texture rendering, and over-sized hands.

Thankfully, all of it was addressed by Senior Art Director Chris Robinson in the latest Artcraft! It’s a brief update, but is well-worth it for the fans of the Tauren race.

The original female Tauren had a lot of issues with too-angular geometry and stretched-out textures. It’s not her fault—it’s just what we had available to us at the time. Our new process has allowed us to add a lot of detail to her hair, fur, horns, and hooves, to build a far more detailed and expressive face, and to add a lot of definition to her musculature (while retaining her shape and silhouette).


One other change of note: Warcraft character design is commonly known for its stylized long arms, large hands, and big feet, but the female Tauren’s hands were just completely out of control. We brought them down to a more consistent size with the other updated models, and were also able to add a ton more detail and dexterity in the process.


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