Blizzard Entertainment’s Call for Twitter Aid

February 9, 2016 9:14 pm Published by

Share passion and insight through Blizzard Customer Service’s new Twitter tool!

Blizzard Entertainment wants to use players’┬ápassion and knowledge of their games with others through Twitter. Currently, Blizzard Customer Service is testing a new mobile-friendly system for players to help one another.

Setting Up

To participate, you need to authorize and login with your personal Twitter account. If you would like to receive email notifications you can also add and verify an email address. Once you’ve chosen your preferences (you can change these any time in the Settings Menu), click the Unanswered feed button at the top and Tweet away!

How To Use

Reply, Like, and Re-Tweet incoming questions as normal. If a Tweet appears to be irrelevant, click the trashcan icon to remove it from your feed. Pinning a Tweet will keep it in your personal Pinned feed. You can also review and add to ongoing conversations in the Answered feed.


You will receive notifications whenever somebody likes or responds to your Tweets, and you can see how many other players you have helped in the Stats section. From the Stats section, you can also connect with and discover more about other Blizzard experts who are helping on Twitter.

Feedback and participation will determine the longevity of this program as it continues beyond the next month or so. So test time is limited! Any and all feedback on the system should be tweeted to @BlizzardCS.

As the program stands currently, players can only respond to tweets sent to the Blizzard customer service twitter account. And most of the tweets will be server or tech issues.

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