Hearthstone Patch and Collection Wipe NOW

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“The ending is coming! Can’t you feel it?!” Hearthstone patch and collection wipe happening now.

Currently, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft™ is undergoing maintenance for both North American and European regions. The downtime will last until 6pm PDT for NA and 6pm to 10pm PDT for EU.

This maintenance will contain the recently announced closed beta patch and all Hearthstone account information, including card collections, will be wiped during this maintenance.

That’s right! All those nifty feature changes and the collection wipe are happening right now! Everyone who participated in closed beta to this point will have to start from the beginning once again in Hearthstone. Fear not, if you purchased any packs or arena passes in that time, you will be reimbursed with the appropriate amount of gold per what you bought.

Why the wipe?

We all can agree that having a wipe during any beta point isn’t really that fun. You have to go back through all that progress to get back to where you were. And the Hearthstone team agrees.

We understand that wiping data in Hearthstone may cause some frustration for people, but we anticipated having to do this since day one. Wiping will allow us to balance classes and carefully monitor that balance with a bigger player pool.

Bigger player pool?

Most who are in Hearthstone beta have probably forgotten all about the competitive Asian side to Blizzard Entertainment’s fan base. Korea and Taiwan have been out of the loop, but Community Manager Zeriyah answered that concern on the forums.

Yes, we will have more opt-in key waves for all regions before open beta begins. Remember, not all regions even have Hearthstone available for play yet – Korea and Taiwan beta test is still upcoming as well.

Finally, the Asian side will soon be allowed to join in the fun and frustration of Hearthstone testing! Korea and Taiwan, you have not been forgotten! But what of the hardware issue?

More beta keys?!

It was mentioned a few times by Zeriyah, that the primary reason for the slow trickle of beta invites was due to hardware limitations. The question remained if there will be more opt-in invites sent out after this wipe and before open beta. The above statement say there will be, but how much?

Well, after the wipe and patch that goes with it, we’ll be on different hardware than we were before. I’ll spare you the boring behind-the-scenes details, but we were limited in the amount of people we could invite to the first part of closed beta just due to these hardware limitations. With this patch and wipe, we’ll be making some serious transitions into hardware that can accommodate a larger pool of players. TLDR: Brace yourselves, the opt-ins are coming. 

It’ll be a process—the gates won’t swing wide open right away, since we still need to make sure this hardware can hold up to the punishment we’re about to inflict upon it. However, as we invite more players to the closed beta test, the feeling of “hey, he’s in closed beta now and I’m not so he has a big advantage!” will diminish greatly since those players that have that small amount of play time “benefit” will soon be in the vast minority.

And there you have it! Even with the loss of well-built decks and high leveled heroes, new players will soon be challenging everyone to duels. The good with the bad!

Soon we should be seeing the patch notes with all the detailed changes to the latest Hearthstone build. We’ll keep you posted when this goes live and break down what it means for you, the player.


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