Hearthstone Reveals Season 4 Card back!

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Season 4 of Hearthstone Ranked Play has officially started! Work to rank 20 for a new card back or all the way to Legendary!

The fourth season for Hearthstone Ranked Play has officially started! With this new season comes a new card back players can earn and show off against their opponents.

This season, Naxxramas has infested the board with a cursed card back! Players, make sure you’ve got the beat to be able to survive the Necropolis Citadel. And watch out for that ooze frogger!


These card backs replace the decorative art on the reverse side of the cards. They are a great way to show off Hearthstone accomplishments. So add the Naxxramas card back to your collection!

The way to earn this card back is by reaching at least Rank 20 in Ranked Play mode. This card back will be rewarded at the end of July when the season is finished, plus any bonus stars for an extra ranks earned.

The Extra Boss

But don’t stop at just Rank 20! Players can go all the way to become a Legend on the Ranked Play ladders. Challenge other players and perhaps enter for a chance to win the $250,000 prize pool at the Hearthstone World Championships! The top 16 players will be entered in Qualifier Tournaments and the winner will move on to the World Championships.

You better hurry! This opportunity will end with August–Season 5!

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