Here’s What The New World Of Warcraft Draenei Models Really Look Like

April 8, 2014 5:12 pm Published by

A REAL update on Female Draenei models for Warlords of Draenor.

The Art Team with World of Warcraft started a fire last week when they shared their April Fool’s Female Draenei Model Update. There were some who offended by the back story and appearance flaw in the remake (I thought it was a great joke!). Blizzard Entertainment is ready to share the REAL in-progress work on the Female Draenei.

Please keep in mind that the Female Draenei is currently in-progress. She hasn’t been posed or animated yet, so her proportions are off and she will look weird at first glance. Remember that the original female has a very extreme posture and the team will try to keep the heart of the race intact for players.


After the April Fools’ joke we wanted to ensure you weren’t waiting too long to see where we’re at with her actual character model update. Keep in mind that she’s still in-progress, and doesn’t have any animation to pose her body or face.


Again, she is currently in-progress with the remodel. Check out the full article over at World of Warcraft.

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