Heroes of the Storm: Alpha Phase Ending | Accts To Be Reset

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Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm has been in technical alpha for six months and is finally approaching beta.

With tech alpha’s conclusion comes several items players in-game will want to be aware, including another account wipe. Prepare for a fresh start within the Nexus.

Starting September 22, the Heroes of the Storm shop will be shut down. Players will not be able to make any purchases using in-game gold or real money.

But that doesn’t mean players will be limited by the heroes they have already unlocked. While the shop is offline, all 29 Heroes in the technical alpha will be available in the free Hero rotation.

A week after the shop is offline, the tech alpha will be brought down for more than a week of extended maintenance. Those with access to Heroes will not be able to log in or play the game. Everyone’s accounts will then be reset and wiped.

Once the Nexus is brought back online, everyone will experience the game as though they are on a brand new account. Any progress that was made prior to the wipe will not be saved, except for purchases made with real money.

Any real money that was spent during prior to the account wipe will be refunded to players’ Battle.net Balance. Players will then be able to spend their refunded real money with their Level 1 accounts to purchase bundles, mounts, or skins. Players who have spent real money will receive an exclusive Wonder Billie Mount.

Also, all current players will be moved to their respective regions. The technical alpha Heroes of the Storm friends list will no longer be accessible and players’ normal Battle.net friends list will be live. Make sure to gather Battle.net IDs/Real IDs to continue playing with those from the tech alpha friends list.

This should be the very last planned account wipe and refund for Heroes of the Storm. The development team’s goal is to refrain from the future player or hero progression wipes, but there could still be a few adjustments.

Please be aware that these unplanned wipes will come with a prior warning should any be necessary.

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