How To Download The Warlords Of Draenor Beta Client Early

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The Beta client is available for Warlords of Draenor.

The majority of World of Warcraft players have been salivating since the Alpha Patch Notes to get into Warlords of Draenor to try out just how much their classes are going to change once 6.0 drops. Currently, the Alpha phase is only open for Blizzard Entertainment staff, friends, and family.

However, you can prepare your hard drive now by downloading the beta client (if it hasn’t stuck around sinceMists of Pandaria–Annual Pass Access).

First, you will want to log into your account with Battle.Net. Then there are two easy to find locations to download the game client. You can either click the Download Game Client to the far right next to your game information or it is located in the Games & Codes drop down menu.

The page will load showing all your different game clients you can download. Even if you are not a Warcraft player, you will be able to select the Beta Game Installer for your OS (Operating System).


As you can see, this client will require roughly 24GB of hard drive space. But this doesn’t mean you have instant access into Alpha now. If you attempt to log in to the beta client, the servers will be red and the connection will never complete.

Again, no one but Blizzard Entertainment staff, friends, and family should have Alpha access currently. Alpha invites will not be given in the form of a key, but your account will be flagged through Battle.Net (much like Heroes of the Storm). Keep your account safe.

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