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BlizzCon will have a new host this year! A Nerdist to take the lead!

Jay Mohr is best known for his stand-up comedy act over the last three decades as well as acting in Jerry Maguire and Perfect Picture. He has been an activist in helping others with social anxiety due to his own personal experience with it while performing two seasons with Saturday Night Live. And he has even been a radio host.

Aside from his extensive background, he has been host for Blizzard Entertainment’s convention BlizzCon since 2007. However, this November will mark the first BlizzCon he will not be a returning host.

Nerdist to Host

According to a Twitter AMA, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to hire Chris Hardwick, creator and chief executive of Nerdist Industries, to host 2014 BlizzCon! And he has just an extensive background as BlizzCon’s previous host.

Hardwick began as a DJ in the LA area. He played a few roles in several television series including Guys Like Us, CSI, and Zoey 101. He ventured into the writing world with Wired magazine as well as voice acting for several animes/cartoons and his first video game!

Mohr Missing Presence

Over the last six BlizzCons, several fans have gone to the forums when the events are over sharing their displeasure over having a non-player host the convention. And yet, Mohr has returned even with such controversy to the stage.

Some have even become accustom to his presence and jests. And so for those it comes as a shock that 2013 was his last BlizzCon as host.

Hopefully with Hardwick joining this year, those who did not like a non-gamer as host may finally be pleased. Not only has he done voiceover for the Tales from the Borderlands, but helped with the clip for Jimmy Fallon “We Are The World of Warcraft“.

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