Overwatch Beta Test Weekend and Developer Update

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Overwatch prepares for its first Beta Test Weekend with some developer updates!

Closed Beta has been operational since October 27 for a select few Blizzard Entertainment players. Now the Overwatch team feels it’s time for the first Beta Test Weekend starting November 20 – November 23.

Last month, we gave a slight incorrect reporting that these Beta Test Weekends would be open to the public. There wasn’t a definitive explanation on how the Beta Test Weekends would be open for players. For not, this Beta Test Weekend will be conducted through invitation-only.

The Overwatch twitter account will announce when invitations are going out. Players can check the status of their access by logging into their Battle.net account settings if they haven’t received an email yet.

BNet Account Settings

Beta Test Weekend

The Beta Test Weekend will be more of a test on the hardware rather than deep, methodical playtime in Overwatch. This is more of a stress test, so parts of the game will be limited. All players (including those in Closed Beta) will have access to all 21 heroes but only access to Hanamura, King’s Row, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar for maps.

Please provide as much feedback on how Overwatch runs on your current system, experience with the beta servers, critical bug reports, and other game-impacting problems. Again, the goal is to push the hardware to it’s limits. The beta server can and will run into unexpected performance issues and downtime.

Developer Update: Matchmaking & Hero Balance

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan talks to fans about some of the most recent development changes to the game, particularly with Matchmaking and Hero Balance.

A new in-game matchmaker is being tested during this Beta Test Weekend. The overall goal is to provide a better, more balanced matches over all and generate data that will allow the team to make future improvements. This change may not be what’s best for the game or make the experience worse, so please continue to share your thoughts and opinions in the forums.

There’s also two new rating options at the end of each end-of-round:

  • Rate This Match: designed to provide Overwatch development team with feedback about how much you enjoyed the match. This data will be used over time to improve matchmaking and the game in general.
  • Rate This Player: Positive and negative ratings can have an effect on how likely players are to be matched with one another in future games.

Since BlizzCon 2015, there have been a few hero changes that went into effect for Overwatch. While most of the changes have been beneficial for each hero, Mercy is the least positive of changes and may see a tweak in the coming weeks. As beta continues, heroes and maps data will be watched extensively based on future feedback.

Hope to see you on the field!

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