Red Light Special — Warcraft Character Services Sale

June 4, 2013 11:38 am Published by

Red light special on all World of Warcraft character services! Now 50% off sale for this week only!

This week only Blizzard Entertainment is having a sale on all their character services for World of Warcraft! A perfect beginning for summer vacation to get a fresh start with a new look, faction, or even a new name! Below are the services available for this week’s sale! For more information on how each service works, check out the links.

  • Character Transfer—Move your character to a different realm
  • Faction Change—Change a character’s faction (from Horde to Alliance, or from Alliance to Horde)
  • Race Change—Change a character’s race (within the same faction)
  • Appearance Change—Change your character’s appearance (optional Name Change included)
  • Name Change—Change your character’s name

I know a lot of you have been wondering just what server the GAMEBREAKER NATION has picked and the time has come for a minor reveal! For the US, we are over on Turalyon! And for the EU, check out Chamber of Aspects (we’re still working out the EU kinks FYI)! Both are PvE servers with a decent population. We are not discriminating either faction, so a faction change is not required. Sadly, we cannot accept any guild invitations until GAMEBREAKER NATION launches. But to save you some cash, it felt right to share this information with the Warcraft group.

Guild transfers are not included in this sale! Remember that this offer is for one week only so get it while is it red hot! The sale ends on June 10th, 2013!


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