Stand at Attention in Hearthstone: Military Quarter

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Get whipped into shape at the Military Quarter in Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas!

Drop and do twenty! It’s time to start campaigning against the best death knights under Kel’Thuzad’s command. The Curse of Naxxramas: Military Quarter is now live!

Remember that to venture deeper into the necropolis capital, players will have to purchase access. Each wing is 700 in-game gold$6.99 (5.99 EUR/4.99 GBP), or you can open all of Naxxramas for $24.99 (21.99 EUR/17.49 GBP) and with bundle options available.

The Military Quarter is home to Naxxramas’s finest undead knights, ready to take on all interlopers that dare test their skills in battle. Victory over these masters of melee will reward you with all-new Hearthstone cards! 

Three bosses will await adventurers within the Military Quarter. The first boss is the greatest death knight trainer who takes control of his pupils, Instructor Razuvious. Defeat him and earn the Dancing Swords. But watch out, they only know how to do the hokey-pokey.

The second boss sits upon his balcony like the star-crossed lover, Julianna. Convincing Gothik the Harvester to come down will require players to mow through his legion of undead and win the Spectral Knight.


Baron Rivendare is the final boss who runs with a crowd and is one of the most powerful death knights guarding Kel’Thuzad. He is one of the Four Horsemen and he has the remain three with him for players to face against. Put them and their horses to rest to score the Deathlord–a risky card to have on hand.

Once all the bosses are defeated in the Military Quarter, the Baron Rivendare will join your collection as a Legendary card. Players will also be able to complete the class challenges to add more unique cards for the Shaman and Warlock decks.

Finally, Heroic mode will unlock for the bosses to be defeated. But these battle-hardened, well-trained defenders may leave adventurers crying for their mommy.

Step out of boot camp and train in the Military Quarter of Naxxramas!

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