Warlords Zone Preview: Returning Nagrand Slam

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Horde only point of view. Video contains spoilers. Watch at your own discretion.

The latest Warlords of Draenor Zone Preview shows off one of the most anticipated areas of Draenor, Nagrand. During The Burning Crusade many players considered it the most beautiful refuges, even though it was a little broken. Now they get to see it in all its undisturbed glory.

Our latest zone preview takes us into the expansive hills and rocky outcroppings of Nagrand, a verdant land located west of Talador and south of Frostfire Ridge. Here, great beasts cause the ground to quake beneath their feet, and the wolf riders of the Warsong—the legendary orc clan led by Grommash Hellscream himself—are always on the prowl. But they’re not the only ones who make this verdant land their home.

Perhaps the first thing many players will notice is that the floating islands will no longer be–well–floating. But the heart and grace of what many knew from Burning Crusade is still present and remains for Nagrand. Many of the same areas are present, such as the Throne of the Elements, and will hopefully cause many Warcraft fans to feel like there is no difference between Outland and Draenor Nagrand.

Nagrand is the primary home for the Warsong clan. They have had several issues with Ogres, but they are primarily the power of the land. Which is probably why Alliance and Horde will be working on making a foothold in the zone.

Aside from the Warsong clan, Nagrand is the spiritual center for the Orcs. Biannually, they would gather at the great white peak, Oshu’gun. Oshu’gun is also a connection for the Draenei as it was their final vessel and the resting place for their Naaru savior.

Since this zone has a great tie for both Orcs and Draenei, it will be very story focused. Players who enjoy to get the most from Warcraft lore will definitely want to take their time through Nagrand.

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