World Of Warcraft Drops Deserter Exploit Hotfix

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A win-trade exploit in ranked PvP means more changes in World of Warcraft!

Sometimes, players just have to ruin everyone’s fun by finding new ways to exploit a game. Though this exploit had not affected all regions in World of Warcraft, the team took some preemptive steps to keep the gameplay fair for all in PvP in the latest hotfixes.

Battlegrounds and Arenas

  • Deserter debuff
    • Deserter debuff now lasts 5 minutes (down from 20 minutes). New applications of the Deserter debuff within a 20-minute rolling window extends its duration by 5 additional minutes each time, up to a maximum of 20 minutes.
    • The Deserter debuff is applied under the following conditions:
      • Arena or Rated Battlegrounds: Leaving the queue, ignoring the prompt to enter when the match is ready, or leaving the match before anyone has entered combat.
      • Battlegrounds: Leaving before the match is over.
    • Additional information on the change to the Deserter debuff can be found in the forum thread titled Upcoming Deserter Hotfixes for Rated PvP.

Deserter Debuffing Coming to Arena/Rated Near You!

As stated, these hotfixes are to nip a PvP exploit in the bud before in affects all players of all regions.  Community Manager Lore explained on the forums how these changes will work.

Once these hotfixes are applied, a player who leaves an Arena or Rated Battleground before anyone in the match has entered combat will, at first, be given a 5-minute Deserter debuff. If they leave another match prematurely within a 20-minute window, the duration of the Deserter debuff will increase by 5 minutes each time (and the 20-minute window will restart), to a maximum of 20 minutes. The debuff will also apply if a player leaves the queue (or ignores it) once the match is ready and they’re given the prompt to enter.

The Deserter debuff given for leaving a non-rated Battleground early will also be changed to begin at 5 minutes (and increase by 5 minutes for each subsequent desertion), but otherwise the rules will stay the same. Leaving a Random Battleground in progress at any point before it’s finished will give the Deserter debuff, and leaving or ignoring the prompt to enter a non-rated Battleground will not.

These changes should not affect regular players much. The average for Arena matches tends to be at least 20 mins in length until Dampening takes affect.

However, including this debuff to these parts of World of Warcraft feels a bit too late. Do you think the Deserter Debuff should have been part of Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds when it was first introduced?

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