YouTuber Blows $450 On Hearthstone To Test Packs

November 21, 2013 1:32 pm Published by

“Decided to buy packs until my CC locked out.” A player spends $450 on 360 Hearthstone packs to test the drop rate ratio!

With physical card games, there’s usually some trick to be able to tell which packs have a special card inside. That’s not the case with the digital card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Probability rations come with at a price, in real currency.

Sto3d, explained why in his YouTube description.

Decided to buy packs until my CC locked out. Yeah, I did get a godly pack and I won’t spoil it in the description. I hope this helps figure out ratios on how much $ you want to spend and give you an idea of what you may get.

Hearthstone is still in beta testing so this appears like a natural process of sharing information. And as stated, it does come with a price mark of $450 to test.

Estimated Loot Distribution

25% Chance of Rare (Additional +1 Every 4 Packs)
15% Chance of Epic (1 of Every 6.67 Packs)
10% Chance of Golden Common (1 Every 10 packs)
5% Chance of Legendary (1 of Every 20 Packs)
5% Chance of Golden Rare – 1% (1 Every 20 Packs)
1% Chance Golden Epic (1 Every 100 Packs Cards)
0.25% Golden Legendary (1 Every 400 Packs)

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