BlizzCon 2016 Schedule & Special Notes

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Personal schedule for BlizzCon 2016.

BlizzCon 2016 runs from Friday, November 4 through Saturday, November 5. Much like last year, I’ll included my personal schedule of where and when to find me on the convention floor.

All are subject to change, so make sure to give my Twitter a follow (@lilmissy4205) for on the spot updates.

Wednesday, November 2

  • 5:54am ET – 7:30am PT Flight to LAX
  • 8am PT: Arrival at hotel

Thursday, November 3

  • IHOP (Harbor/Katella)
  • BlizzCon Pass Pickup
  • ~6pm – 10pm PT: Wowhead
  • 7pm PT: Medieval Times Dinner

Friday, November 4 (BlizzCon Day 1)

  • IHOP (Harbor/Katella)
  • 9am PT: Convention Doors Open
  • 11am PT: Opening Ceremony
  • 1:30pm PT: Overwatch – What’s Next
  • 2:45pm PT: Warcraft – What’s Next
  • 5pm PT: Diablo 20th Anniversary
  • 6pm PT: Contests
  • 8pm PT: Diablo 20th Anniversary Party

Saturday, November 5 (BlizzCon Day 2)

  • IHOP (Harbor/Katella)
  • 9am PT: Convention Doors Open
  • 11:30am PT: Blizzard 25th Anniversary
  • ~1pm PT: Warcraft – Design
  • ~1pm PT: Blizzard Publishing
  • ~4pm PT: Warcraft Q&A
  • 6:30pm PT: Closing Ceremony

Sunday, November 6

  • IHOP (Harbor/Katella)
  • Disneyland!

Monday, November 7

  • IHOP (Harbor/Katella)
  • 11:45pm PT – 9:01am ET: Flight to ATL & IND

Special Notes

This year’s BlizzCon is going to be very different for me than previous years. It’s going to be the first BlizzCon that I’m not working with a fansite, so no deadlines or rush. It will also be the first BlizzCon without my father. This will be among the many firsts since my dad’s passing.

The last 3 BlizzCon events I attended, I made sure to check up with my dad by sending him a selfie of myself at breakfast. He was always concerned about me whenever I traveled away from home. Instead, I’ll be sending those texts to only my mom.

I will still be accepting hugs, but please ask beforehand. I still have some issues with being touched without permission (I’m working through it with therapy).

Be aware that I might randomly burst into tears for no reason. I’m dealing with a lot of triggers that remind me of my dad. It can be anything from word choice to touch. Please, don’t try to adjust to make my trip “easier” for me. It’s going to be a tough one regardless. Just be understanding and patient if it does happen.

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