Fundraise Marathon Against Cancer (March 13)

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Twitch fundraising marathon for father’s cancer funds.

Last month, my father was diagnosed with Stage IV Squamous cell or non-small cell lung cancer. This has been a trying and stressful time for both of my parents as the chemo/radiation has completely exhausted my dad and made it impossible for him to work as a finish carpenter.

Join me on March 13 from 3pm -11pm EDT for my Twitch live stream marathon to raise $1,000 for my dad’s GoFundMe. All proceeds will help cover any medical costs or general living expenses. This will be my first of many fundraising marathon events to help alleviate the financial stress of fighting cancer.

Donation Goal: $1,000
Thank You Reward: Donate $46 to be added to the Thank You mailing list
Game List:

  • Overwatch
  • Warcraft
  • Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
  • Portal II

How To Donate On Gaming for Good

Viewers can still participate in chat and watch the stream over on Gaming for Good. What’s different about this site is that it offers a donation box at the top of the chatroom by entering an amount in the empty text field of selecting the other default options.

This will open the window further and offer a slide bar for the amount the viewer wants to donate to the broadcaster or charity. The charity option will be turned off for this trail marathon. By donating $46, viewers can send me a private message that won’t display during the marathon.

G4G Donate

Gaming for Good Donation Location

The amazing thing about Gaming for Good is that by participating during the marathon, viewers can earn points to purchase games through Steam. Games available for point exchange is located under the video window.

Conclusive Update

I’m aware the first few minutes of my video has no audio. Currently appealing against Twitch as no music was on.

The marathon was a huge success! Before the event even began, a LoreCraft Podcast listener donated my entire first goal! Thank you again for the generosity. My spoken words may not have been enough to convey my gratitude, but it deeply moved me and reminded me how amazing the Warcraft community can be.

Since I hit my first goal before the marathon, I upped the next goal to $2,000. During the 8 hour event, I raised $1,500 to help my father’s cancer funds. Not only will help cover health insurance, but part of the $3,855.53 costs not covered by his insurance.

Feedback Welcome

Since this was my first ever marathon, let me know in the comments what I could do to engage with the audience, encourage more donations, possible incentive rewards, and even games to play during it.

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