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Not as fun of a Retribution challenge as expected. The video is filled with mistakes, near death moments, and mild insanity.

World of Warcraft introduces new solo challenges for each spec with the reward of unique artifact appearances. There are 7 different quests each designed to bring out the best of their respective specs. However, these are not to be done easily by the average player.

I will admit, The God-Queen’s Fury was a very frustrating encounter. Between the back-to-back Ancestral Knowledge and a lot of RNG placement, I was yelling at my computer for each ridiculous failure. This video is my successful completion filled with mistakes, near death, and high anxiety moments.


Talent Choices

It’s mostly about survivability and mobility with the talent choices. (Note: In 7.2.5, Eye for an Eye no longer deals damage.) Justicar’s Vengeance paired with Divine Purpose is ideal for quickly getting back health while dealing some damage (Justicar’s Vengeance is best used on stunned targets for maximum healing).

I feel that Paladins are now slower moving damage dealers (dps), so I went with Cavalier to try to do the encounter correctly and quickly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as successful as I would hope because my reactions would get a bit slower the longer the fight went.


Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus
Sephuz’s Secret

I only had Liandrin’s Fury Unleashed out of the top 3 Best in Slot (BIS) legendary options, so I went with survivability and mobility options. Again, I feel that Paladins aren’t the most mobile thus using Sephuz’s Secret to move quickly between interrupts and stuns was my best choice (yes, I tried with the ring, but that possible extra speed helped more than the minor DPS increase).


#showtooltip Repentance
/tar Sigryn
/cast Repentance

#showtooltip Hammer of Justice
/tar Jarl
/cast Hammer of Justice

#showtooltip Hand of Hindrance
/tar Jarl
/cast Hand of Hindrance


God-Queen’s Fury “DBM”
Tal’s Retribution Paladin Hud
Sephuz’s Secret

Video Strategy

  • Pull Sigryn and Runeseer Faljar away from Jarl Velbrand. Use a DPS cooldown and avoid fel-pools left from Throw Throw Spear.
  • Cast macro Hand of Hindrance on Jarl when he goes into Berserker’s Rage. Once he’s closer, use macro Hammer of Justice to stun.
  • Run over the smallest Runic Detonation circle. Mobility boost will be helpful.
  • Interrupt Sigryn’s Blood of the Father by casting macro Repentance.
  • Focus damage on Runeseer Faljar during Ancestral Knowledge to break absorb shield and interrupt the cast. Position behind Runeseer if no DPS cooldown is available.
  • Move quickly when the wall of Dark Wings val’kyrs appear to the random opening to avoid damage.
  • Pull Runeseer Faljar away from Jarl Velbrand as he channels Bladestorm.
  • Cast macro Repentance on Sigryn again as she begins to cast Blood of the Father.
  • Focus on smaller Runic Detonation while finding the gap in Dark Wings wall. Use mobility boost if necessary.
  • Pray gap in Dark Wings lines up with Runeseer’s positioning, otherwise, move quickly and focus damage on him during Ancestral Knowledge.
  • Move to gap again for Dark Wings and deal damage to the more mobile targets (Sigryn and/or Jarl Velbrand). Keep Jarl away from Runeseer for next Berserker’s Rage.
  • Cast macro Hand of Hindrance on Jarl, move over Runic Detonations while heading towards Runeseer and gap in Dark Wings. Stun with macro Hammer of Justice when Jarl moves too close.
  • At this point, there will be three sets of Runic Detonations back-to-back, but this will be the last time. Move quickly.
  • Move to the opening in Dark Wings, cast Blessing of Protection for Jarl Velbrand’s Bladestorm, and use macro Repentance to interrupt Sigryn’s Blood of the Father.
  • Pull back towards Runeseer Faljar as this will be the last time Sigryn casts Blood of the Father.
  • Continue to move to the gap in Dark Wings and pray the opening is where Runeseer is positioned.
  • Step out of the last Bladestorm channeled by Jarl Velbrand or cast the macro Hammer of Justice.


After 5 minutes it’s the home stretch. There is no percentage where Sigryn, Jarl Velbrand, or Runeseer Faljar stop using certain abilities.

  • Sigryn and Jarl Velbrand will no longer cast Blood of the Father, Bladestorm, or Berserker’s Rage while Dark Wings and Ancestral Knowledge will continue. Be prepared for this part to go on longer if you have a low item level and choose mobility and survivability over damage dealing.
  • Move Sigryn to the edge of encounter area away from Runeseer and continue to use macro Repentance to avoid area being overrun with fel-pools from spears. Warning: she does have diminishing returns and cannot be constantly cc’ed, so try to kite Runeseer as much as possible or position for spears.
  • When Sigryn hits 20%, the encounter will end.


This challenge mode will require a lot of patience and almost flawless mechanic attention if you aren’t quite geared enough. Remember to take a break if you get frustrated.

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