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Alliance Chopper Coming To A Warcraft Vendor Near You! Both Azeroth Choppers to be in World of Warcraft! The Alliance Chopper revealed! August 1, 2014
Warcraft Community Rage on Blood Elves The character model upgrades will be ready for Warlords launched--except Blood Elf! Community rages! July 31, 2014
Artcraft Gives A Quick Update On Male Draenei Warcraft Senior Art Director out with injury but delivers a new Artcraft! July 11, 2014
Details on Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas has a gating system, but how much will it cost players? July 8, 2014
Why Faction Hubs Won’t Work In Warlords Players are freaking out over faction hubs being moved from Karabor and Bladespire, but find out why they just won't work in Warlords of Draenor! July 7, 2014
World of Warcraft’s Main Man Rob Pardo Calls It Quits Farewell, sweet prince! Rob Pardo leaves Blizzard Entertainment! July 3, 2014
Faction Auction Houses to be MERGED in Warcraft Good-bye faction based Auction Houses in World of Warcraft! July 1, 2014
San Diego Comic-Con Premier Blizzard Merchandise! New Blizzard Merchandise appearing at San Diego Comic-Con! June 30, 2014
World Of Warcraft Drops Deserter Exploit Hotfix A win-trade exploit in ranked PvP means more changes in World of Warcraft! June 24, 2014
Death Comes For Diablo III Real Money Auction House June 24 The Reaper finishes the job for the Real Money Auction House in Diablo III! June 18, 2014

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