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YouTube: The God-Queen’s Fury (Retribution) Not as fun of a Retribution challenge as expected. The video is filled with mistakes, near death moments, and mild insanity. April 21, 2017
#Warcraft: Ep 4 – Patch 7.1.5 Recap World of Warcraft: Legion patch 7.1.5 went live Jan 10. Here is a quick recap of the changes. February 12, 2017
Youtube Feature #Warcraft: Episode 3 – A Look Back It’s a new year and exciting changes are coming to World of Warcraft, but first let’s take a look back […] January 8, 2017
#Warcraft: Episode 2 – BlizzCon Tips Prepare for Blizzcon 2016 with tips in #Warcraft Episode 2. October 27, 2016
#Warcraft: Episode 1 – It’s Not Goodbye #Warcraft Episode 1 covers the departure felt around the World... of Warcraft! Waugh, Murphy, and Metzen leave Blizzard. September 19, 2016
#Warcraft: Episode 0 – Premiere Welcome to the premiere episode for #Warcraft. In this video, I'll be introducing myself as well as the ideal concept of the show. September 8, 2016
A New Direction: Warcraft YouTube series Coming soon! New YouTube series! August 4, 2016
Legion Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas The weekly Legion Q&A kicks off with Ion Hazzikostas! June 21, 2016
Weekly World of Warcraft: Legion Q&A Ask World of Warcraft developers about upcoming expansion, Legion, during the weekly Q&A! June 14, 2016
Children’s Warcraft Book Series Announced Blizzard Entertainment collaborates with children's books publisher Scholastic for a new novel series. April 9, 2016

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