Hearthstone Season 3 Ranked Ending Soon!

June 30, 2014 7:11 pm Published by

Hurry to rank 20 or miss out on Season 3 Hearthstone card back!

That’s right, Season 3 ends today in Hearthstone. To earn your new card back, players must have earned rank 20 in ranked play.


Many players have also climbed up the ladder in hopes to be the top 16 Legendary players for a chance to compete in the Hearthstone World Championship! But that time ends soon (and not Blizzard soon)!

Ranked Play Season 3 will end on the following times for each region:

  • Americas: 12:00 AM PDT Tuesday, July 1st
  • Europe: 4:00 PM PDT Monday, June 30th (1:00 AM CEST, July 1st)
  • Korea/Taiwan: 8:00 AM PDT Monday, June 30th (12:00 AM KST, July 1st / 11:00 PM CST, June 30th)
  • China: 9 AM PDT Monday, June 30th (12:00 AM CST, July 1st)

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