Where is Conspiracy Craft?

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People often forget that when they make a general statement, they can hurt someone’s feelings. I’m talking about some of the comments in GAMEBREAKER’s donation links about “too many bad writers” and “removing the written articles.” Even if there were stated exceptions, it still hurts people’s feelings who put in a lot of work to provide some content on the site.

I know I have been the most inconsistent writer. I suffer from seasonal depression and the massive amounts of snow in my area has put a lull on my editorial. But that wasn’t the only thing that was keeping me from writing.

The reason I write Conspiracy Craft is to share the story of World of Warcraft with as many people as possible—to spark a new interest in them or shed some light. I look at view numbers. And the view numbers for the last three ConCrafts was… demoralizing.

And having people constantly state they miss Conspiracy Craft as a show, hasn’t been uplifting either. It didn’t make it as a show because it didn’t fit the multi-host format.

For it to have continued as a show, I would have needed to upgrade my sound quality, gotten a green screen or improved the background, and then it would have been another show on Schaffnit’s editing plate that was already looking pretty full.

And we know how the masses reacted when I asked for “help” to get my PC upgraded. The seven hells would burn me first before I could get a better mic.

So I had to rely on the only way I knew how to continue Conspiracy Craft, as an article. But it wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t popular enough, it just wasn’t enough. And I lost my passion.

That doesn’t mean it is gone for good. I just need to get in a better frame of mind and get back on the man-eating lion that is known as the internet.

All I ask, is please be careful when you make a general comment. We have feelings and bad days too. And a lot of us are doing this for free.

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