World of Warcraft

YouTube: The God-Queen’s Fury (Retribution) Not as fun of a Retribution challenge as expected. The video is filled with mistakes, near death moments, and mild insanity. April 21, 2017
#Warcraft: Ep 4 – Patch 7.1.5 Recap World of Warcraft: Legion patch 7.1.5 went live Jan 10. Here is a quick recap of the changes. February 12, 2017
Youtube Feature #Warcraft: Episode 3 – A Look Back It’s a new year and exciting changes are coming to World of Warcraft, but first let’s take a look back […] January 8, 2017
#Warcraft: Episode 1 – It’s Not Goodbye #Warcraft Episode 1 covers the departure felt around the World... of Warcraft! Waugh, Murphy, and Metzen leave Blizzard. September 19, 2016
#Warcraft: Episode 0 – Premiere Welcome to the premiere episode for #Warcraft. In this video, I'll be introducing myself as well as the ideal concept of the show. September 8, 2016
A New Direction: Warcraft YouTube series Coming soon! New YouTube series! August 4, 2016
Legion Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas The weekly Legion Q&A kicks off with Ion Hazzikostas! June 21, 2016
Weekly World of Warcraft: Legion Q&A Ask World of Warcraft developers about upcoming expansion, Legion, during the weekly Q&A! June 14, 2016
Children’s Warcraft Book Series Announced Blizzard Entertainment collaborates with children's books publisher Scholastic for a new novel series. April 9, 2016
Warcraft Movie Ad Airs During NFL Championships Legendary airs the first Warcraft movie tv spot during large audience viewing plus set photo teasers! February 2, 2016 is Designed and Developed by theCSSguru